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Today's blog is a little bit different, I wanted to touch on some ethical issues that surround music consumption. With the recent death of Chuck Berry I got to reading some of his obituaries and noticed a gaping hole in the narrative.


Janice Escalanti received as little as two sentences in one of the obituaries what she was actually mentioned. If you don't know the details of Chuck Berry's incarceration and the 1959 it is worth looking into, whether you believe him to be guilty or not surely this was a pivotal moment in his life. I go into some more detail in the video about this controversial court case and of course we should remember whatever the situation was that was a victim involved.

Today I want to talk about the ergonomics of editing. Particularly the use of shuttle and jog wheels. However first a side note.



A Side Note:

As you may know I am currently renovating the studio. We are having some new plumbing put in and this seemed an ideal moment to replace the flooring and get the desk out for a general overhaul.

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