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So this week I decided to give you a little look at an interesting record I'm making at the moment, the first studio single from indie pop rockers We Were Glue. The intent of the record is to retain some of the magic that their debut live EP carried, a rawness. I was recording this up at one of my regular haunts in Lancashire, Catalyst Studios.

My record most of the tracks live with vocals and overdubs added later. I wanted to get the band members to really feel like they were playing as a band rather than layering too much up in stages. Yes it's much harder to do, but in the case of a record like is so, so, so worth it. The microscopic timing and dynamics changes really add to that exciting feel where the tempo is pushed around the click to engage and exite the audience.

So grap a cup of tea or coffee or a high energy smoothie and take a gander......oh also there is the giveaway so check out the full video for details on how to enter. Yes the prizes aren't exactly glamorous like a massive yacht or a holiday to Bermuda but they are much better than a slap in the face.

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