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I'm unbelievably lucky to have met some of the world's biggest producers and engineers. I've learned a lot and heard some stories that would curl your hair. But the one thing that 99% of the top folks have in common is that they all try to get better at their craft....every single day.


We have all played at that dive bar where the malodorous soundie in a leather waistcoat sits back from the desk 30 seconds into the set happy with their mix....perching a beer on the extensive belly that pops out from underneath their band logo T-shirt.

Now we do need those guys yes....but do you want to end up there?....I thought not. By visiting this blog you have already shown interest in furthering your studio and live skills either as a musician, engineer or producer.


So yes I try to emulate those top pros by furthering my knowledge every day, but what do I like to read, listen to and watch? I'll reveal some of what I consider to be the best audio related resources available....I say some because there are more coming next week. In the meantime here is this week's video...enjoy!

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