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Have you ever sat there in front of a project and not known how to go about mixing the drums?

Well I have been there myself, in my early days of mixing!

Today I want to share with you just a few of the techniques that I use when working on drums. I wish someone had shown me this when I was starting out.


Drums in a Vacuum

Of course we cannot really mix drums on their own as they need to be an integral part of the whole track, but for the sake of today’s video I have stripped out the rest of the music from a multi-track recording (even the room mics) just so we can focus on the issues at hand.


Harrison Plugins

You may know already that I do a lot of mixing in Harrison Mixbus. The DAW from Harrison Consoles. So I’m going to demonstrate a brief glimpse into my workflow with this DAW. Unlike other DAWs it has most of the controls visible on-screen in the Mixer window at any one moment, so whether you are a Mixbus user or not you should see what I'm working on.


I’ve had the Harrison plugins for a few months now and I’ve really fallen in love with the Drum Character and Tom Gate plugins. So in lieu of that I’m going to show you how I use them to really bring my drum sounds to where I want them to be. Don't worry though if you aren't a Harrison Mixbus user, there is plenty in here for you too.



Since this is just a quick video this week I’m just covering the basics very briefly that is PHASE, sounds for the KICK, the SNARE and the TOMS. I also give you some tips on ROUTING and OVERHEAD treatment. Talking about drum mixing all in one go would be far too much to absorb in one sitting.


Want More?

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