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Hello everyone it's news time! Today I've got some really exciting news for you, first up-

Harrison consoles approached me a few months back, yes that's the folks who make the mixing desks and the Mixbus DAW.

They asked me if I would like to put together a signature bundle including the DAW and my favourite plug-ins. Of course I was absolutely flattered but when they told me that you guys would get 40% off the recommended retail price of the component parts I was delighted. They've even thrown in a discount off your next Harrison Mixbus upgrade

So I've spent the last few months really working on my selection, trying to find the ideal plug-in combination for you guys that offers functionality not available anywhere else

The Russell Cottier Mix Bundle includes:



  • Harrison Mixbus 3

  • The Character Bundle

    • The XTDc drum character plug-in

    • The XTBC base character plug-in

    • The XTVC vocal character plug-in

The XT EG expander gate plug-in.

As you know I use Harrison Mixbus for my blog demonstrations. It's fantastic because all controls are there visible on screen at any one point and the mix engine sounds awesome.

So to be an affiliate of Harrison is truly an honour. I'm going to be doing some more videos in the near future showing the benefits of the Russell Cottier mix bundle but until then please do go and check out go on Click here might like it.


Secondly even more news-


Some of you will have been on my Recording Studio Masterclass live seminars where we go into the studio and work through particular topics with real hands-on experience.

Well today we launch recording studio masterclass online and to celebrate the launch of the new website I'm also launching a new course, this is an online course called CLASSIC MIXING.

The course takes place over a 10 week period and include hours of video training, free professional level multitracks for you to mix and online support throughout.

It doesn't matter which operating system or DAW you prefer. The demonstrations are structured to work for you whatever you use, even if you are working in analog studio

So take yourselves over to and check out the CLASSIC MIXING course. While you're there make sure you register for the FREE TASTER SESSION that's coming up.


Well yes, it's been a huge day launching these two products I hope you like them, because I certainly do thanks for watching see you soon happy recording


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