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Today's blog is a little bit different, I wanted to touch on some ethical issues that surround music consumption. With the recent death of Chuck Berry I got to reading some of his obituaries and noticed a gaping hole in the narrative.


Janice Escalanti received as little as two sentences in one of the obituaries what she was actually mentioned. If you don't know the details of Chuck Berry's incarceration and the 1959 it is worth looking into, whether you believe him to be guilty or not surely this was a pivotal moment in his life. I go into some more detail in the video about this controversial court case and of course we should remember whatever the situation was that was a victim involved.

But all of this got me thinking about consumers treatment of art in relation to the artists personal activities. This could extend to the famous American situation comedy is where the father and figure head of the family is best known for wearing colourful jumpers on-screen and unwanted sexual behaviour off-screen. Or maybe a gangsta rap artist who outright discusses things they may have done or perhaps that the character has done. Or maybe you want to consider classical music, Wagner for instance was well known for his horrendous writings on his attitude is towards Jewish people. In a bizarre twist he had Jewish friends at the time. Of course Wagner's music was later appropriated by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. It may believe that his music exam confide the Nazi party is particular brand of fascism.

In the UK there have been several high-profile musician and DJ arrests and convictions of late. One band in particular has seemingly been removed from online and physical record stores. What is the impact of doing this to other artists and technical staff involved in making a media production? Is it reasonable to dismiss a product because of one member of the team? Or should we be making a stand against artists who commit crimes? Check out the video to hear me I'm rambling about my thoughts and please comment below with yours.

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