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Well what a day, the UK has just voted to leave the European Union, an organisation that helps protect the rights of the weak and needy, the workers, animals, prevents sale of dangerous goods and helps to move us all to a progressive future of commensal assistance.

Right-wing hate filled propaganda has obviously swayed public opinion, but what does this mean for the industry...well at the moment we suspect lots, more difficulty in mid to low level acts crossing the channel (both directions) to tour in the UK or Europe mainland.

The tax situation for small labels selling to Europe will soon reveal itself and the UK currency (GBP £) has plummeted in value overnight.

But perhaps this is a time for the industry to fight back against the right-wing government that has caused so much homelessness, unemployment, (literally) starvation amongst the working class and deaths amongst our poorly treated disabled and overworked healthcare professionals. Maybe it is time for a surge in socio-political music. Yes the majors will rarely risk the controversy but the democratisation of the industry with digital distribution might offer a route to an audience to the more politically minded acts. Let's hope!

For a more in depth review of the effects of the UK leaving the EU check out this article by Laura Snapes for Pitchfork.

On a lighter note have a look what arrived in the mail today.

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