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When I got my first digital multi effects guitar processor in the 1990s (the infamous Zoom 505) it quickly found its way into my recording set up. Which at the time was either sound on sound recording with a double cassette player or a four track. I can't remember whether I had graduated to a four track cassette recorder by that point.


There is something incredibly tactile about grabbing the controls of an effects pedal and cranking them.

It's funny how things come around again and occasionally I will use a guitar effects pedal for processing some element of a mix. There are some very famous proponents of this technique and you see this in a lot of studios, a good friend of mine that I was visiting the other day has a big muff sitting next to his mixing desk on a permanent aux send. No lewd comments please.


A session I recorded several years back popped into my mind the other day. A young lad turned up and loaded in his lovely Vox AC30, he had a Les Paul I think...all really nice gear...then he proceeded to plug in a Behringer UM100 Ultra Metal pedal.

Well as you might guess I ended up unplugging the pedal to get a great tone...after disussing with him why we should do this...and he had of course agreed.


So I pop back into the control room for a while and when I go back into the live room...what do I see? Yes a magic pedal fairy had plugged the pedal back in. Now the lad wanted the pedal set to a particularly obnoxious tone. I think I eventually pulled rank as producer and in the end he was deligeted that we had done without the off-brand red Lego brick of a pedal but years later I kept thinking...

Could this pedal actually be useful?

As it happens I had bought a job lot of pedal and ordered one of the UM100's to keep in my studio as a fun fizz machine. But I decided to see if it was useful in any application that wasn't a 12 year old's bedroom guitar rig......that said they all have Spiders from Line 6 or some free app now so it 's likey that these little pedals are not so much seen in action.

Anyway here is the video:

UPDATE - 28/09/2016

I spotted a rather good review of the UM300 by the amazing Jared Dines. For more info about getting a metal sound out of the Ultra Metal see his awesome video:

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