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If you work in the media industry and have not read the 1962- 1980 Barthes' interviews compiled into the book Le grain de la viox (The Grain Of The Voice) then you do yourself and your audience a great disservice. It has become somewhat de rigueur to dismiss the serious study of media as somewhat of a popular manner for 18 year olds to waste thirty six months of their lives and countless thousands of their potential inheritance. Music technology and audio recording courses have shunned the broader contexts of communication theory and contextual placement (within the market) of the intended fruits of their digital labour.


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(Article was taken from a facebook post I made a little while ago)

Musicians take note

I'm angry that a generation of music listeners have been fed utter cr@p. Squashed to within an inch of its life, distorted to hell and robbed of any semblance of a beat. Just because some idiot thought recording music on a medium at a higher level makes it 'louder', hence 'better'.

I'm angry that we have the higest signal (music) to (background hiss) noise ratios ever available on recording media and kids in bands are being programmed to listen to music that utilises 2-3 dB of the 120dB available.

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