Take Control of Your Mix

The Mixbus DAW bundled with a suite of Harrison Plug-ins hand picked by Russell Cottier

Analog Sound - Digital Power

Analog Sound - Digital Power

When Harrison Consoles asked me if I wanted to put together a bundle including their excellent DAW and my favourite plugins I was really excited. Then they told me they would give YOU a 40% saving on the deal. Amazing! So check out the features and take control of your mix.

Meet Russell

Every week I get emails from engineers and musicians asking how to make their digital mixes 'gel' without analog gear.

My reply?

Try Mixbus! Mixing on a console is never a battle for me so why should mixing in a DAW be?

For over 15 years I have been fortunate enough to work with chart-topping and award-winning artists and labels, including Sly & Robbie, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sony, Trojan Records and many more. I've been blessed to work at world-class studio facilities and use world-class gear but have always been looking for a DAW that replicates that sound.
Just like a console the controls are at your fingertips, not all buried deep inside plug-ins. So you can: work twice as fast. Built in saturation lets you drive the mixer like a real analog session. But there is more, the innovative plug-ins I have included in the bundle let you do things that are not possible in analog.


Revolutionary Drum Processing

I love this plug-in it helps me repair, enhance and morph my drums without sample replacement...The XT-DC Drum Character plug-in provides powerful DSP to equalize the two different parts of a drum "hit" separately by dividing the initial attack from the remaining tail.

I selected this plugin for you so you can:

  • Repair drums that lack low end punch
  • Enhance snare snap
  • Change your drum sounds without reaching for sample replacement


Intelligent Bass and Vocal Character Plugins

Unlike a traditional EQ, the XT-BC and XT-VC make frequency alterations based on the detected note. This changes the character of all notes equally, rather than using a fixed frequency for all notes. This innovative concept provides a brand-new technique for improving your mixes.

Think about EQ in a revolutionary new way

  • No more lumpy low end on certain notes
  • Add sparkle to a whole performance
  • Remove annoying honky vocal harmonics

Master Your Dynamics

Clean up your drums with the XT-EG Gate. Derived from Harrison’s many years of developing high-end music and film tools. Like all XT plugins, the goal is to fix problems in your tracks without any unwanted artifacts.

I picked this Expander/Gate for you because it is effective and quick to set up

  • 3 levels of Lookahead
  • Sidechain filtering to avoid false triggering
  • Tidy up your drums and add real punch
  • Ideal for Vocals, Drums, Guitars and more

Mixbus Makes Mixing Instinctive Again

Mixbus Features

Forget diving into plugins for every tweak, the most used controls for every channel are right there on the mixer. Just like a hardware console. Mixbus lets you work faster and more effectively. It helps mixes gel with less processing for that classic analog sound. Here are just a few reasons to use Mixbus:

Advanced Editing

  • Native Polarity Optimization tool
  • Professional grade automation control
  • Undo remains possible after closing and reopening a session

Plugin Compatibility

  • Works with your existing plug-ins - VST, AU, & LV2
  • Pin connections let you route audio in and out of plug-ins ways you never thought possible...as if they were hardware units
  • Drag and Drop Channel Strip sections, Plug-ins and Sends to any order

Ergonomic Mixer

  • Run clean or add saturation
  • Fast and easy to use mixer.
  • Per-knob control - all visible on the Mixer window
  • Plug-in parameters can be spilled out so you can work faster and more effectively


What You Get

  • XT-EG Expander/Gate PLUG-IN


That is OVER $400.00 value for only $244

What You Get

Take Control Of Your Mix With The Russell Cottier Mix Bundle